Property Insurance in California

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Property Insurance in California

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Providing coverage to residents across California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

What is Property Insurance?

Property that individuals and businesses own is exposed to a variety of potential risks, often including loss, theft and damage. Property insurance may help California residents and businesses protect the assets and other property they own against a variety of covered perils.

Property insurance encompasses a wide range of different insurance policies. Some of these policies offer additional protections, while others insure only a building.

What California Residents and Businesses Need Property Policies?

Most residents and businesses that own property in California ought to carry property policies. Not insuring property can lead to substantial (and possibly bankrupting) loss.

Additionally, property policies are required in many cases. Most lenders require property owners to carry minimum amounts of insurance on any property that’s financed.

Property Insurance California

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Property Insurance California

What Kinds of Property Policies Are Available?

As mentioned, property policies are available for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. Some of the more common types of property policies include:

  • Homeowners Insurance: Usually insures single-family houses
  • Rental Property Insurance: Usually insures single- and multi-family rentals
  • Investment Property Insurance: Usually insures other leased properties
  • Condo Association Insurance: Usually insures condo complexes and associations

There are still other insurance options for individuals and businesses that have different properties. If these aren’t suitable, an insurance agent who specializes in property policies can likely assist with finding an alternative policy option.

Do Property Policies Provide Personal Property Insurance?

Personal property insurance normally provides coverage for belongings or similar items. Depending on policy type and terms, the coverage might protect furniture, fixtures, clothes, electronics, jewelry or a range of other items. 

Whether property policies provide personal property insurance is dependent upon the policy type. The coverage is commonly a standard fixture in homeowners insurance policies, but it’s less common in rental property policies. Investors and condo associations should work with a knowledgeable agent to make sure that any belongings (e.g. furniture, appliances) they need covered are protected by personal property insurance.

Do Property Policies Provide Liability Insurance?

Whether property policies provide liability insurance is also dependent upon the type of a policy and its terms. Homeowners policies normally do offer personal liability coverage, while other policies are less likely to. When a property policy doesn’t offer liability, the insurance can typically be procured through a liability-specific policy.

How Can Policyholders Save on Property Policies?

Most insurance companies offer property owners several savings opportunities.

First, insurers may discount a policy if certain security equipment (e.g. deadbolts, alarms, cameras) are installed. Qualifying equipment must be approved by an insurer, so owners should check what qualifies before installing anything.

Any security-related discount is normally given as a percent off of certain coverages. Because the discount is a percentage, the discount can result in substantial savings if premiums are high.

Second, insurers frequently offer new customer, loyalty, claims-free and multi-policy discounts. Multi-policy discounts are some of the easiest to get, as they may be offered for combining a property policy with an auto or liability policy. Other discounts are specific to different insurers.

Third, comparing policy options with an independent insurance agent is one of the best ways to save. Independent agents can request quotes from multiple insurers, which makes comparing rates and coverages for a given property easy.

Property Insurance California
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How Can Property Owners in California Get Property Insurance?

For help insuring personal or investment property in California, contact the independent insurance agents at CDF Insurance Services. Our agents will work closely with you to find the best available policy, and we can recommend the best property insurance policy regardless of what company offers it.

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